Healthy Eating

In your search for a well balanced nutritional diet, we give you the healthy way to eat. With each meal comes a set of ingredients and nutritionals. You know your carb values, your fat content and your sugars and calories before your first bite. This lets you plan your daily caloric intake so you can monitor your weight gain or loss along with watching out for those ingredients you're staying away from!

The Ease Of Eating

Do you have to get up early each day? Do you get home very late? Does your work always have you pressed for time? Does everyone at home have different dietary needs? We make your life easy! Our prepared meals are made with the freshest ingredients, and with nutritional displays, you'll know exactly what you're consuming from carbs to calories. The preparation? A couple of minutes in the microwave and you're good to go! So whether it's breakfast on the run, lunch at your desk or three different meals for dinner, we've got your every need covered.

Meal Plan or Grab & Go

We offer a couple of convenient ways for your clients to get our prepared meals. Either way, you'll need a refrigerator, which we can supply for you! With your refrigerator ready, you can either stock a variety of your clients' favorite meals, or your team can serve as nutritional counselors, suggesting the best meal plans for your clients to preorder. Preorder meal stocking is our clients' favorite option, because they know their inventory is already sold before it's stocked.

Why choose The Meal Kitchen?


Our Meals use only fresh, all-natural ingredients that are calorie conscious and packed with healthy proteins and low carb veggies. The Meal Kitchen’s prepared meals are perfect for the gym-goer looking to support a healthy lifestyle with clean eating, or for the health-conscious family who is short on time but refuses to resort to fast food.

Not only are our meals undeniably delicious and good for your health, but they are also USDA, FDA and SQF certified. Founded by a team of innovative, unconventional butchers, we have cooked up the perfect recipe for success. With a loyal following of patrons at our test kitchen in Roslyn, all of our meals are debuted at our store front first. Only our most popular dishes make it out of the test kitchen and onto The Meal Kitchen menu for those who want what’s delicious, while staying nutritious.


We make it simple to sell quality food at your establishment

Our flexible ordering system means your customers can grab their meals and go or plan in advance to be in the know.

Need refrigeration? That's chill. For a nominal cost, we've got you covered.

We change our menus every 60 days so your customers stay hungry for more.

Make our meals your own with our free private labeling designed with your brand in mind.

Our USDA Certification means you and your customers can count on the highest quality.

Preparation 1-2 minutes in the microwave. That's it!

How To Get Started​

In four simple steps, you can start providing custom branded meals to your customers​

  1. Hit the Get Started button

  2. Fill out the Account Registration form

  3. Receive your Account Number and Password, same day

  4. Begin ordering!